Neil Shekhter - NMS - Month in Review: Stories of March 2018

Stories of March 2018

March 2018 was a very busy month for real estate professionals. Many agents and brokers are simultaneously looking backwards at their real estate marketing challenges and accomplishments while planning for the year ahead. Our monthly report, the Month in Review identifies the latest market movements and trends for the property markets across United States.

Are you caught up on all the news, developments, and insights needed to create a comprehensive real estate marketing plan for next year?

Find out what you may have missed – and what you should expect – with the roundup of real estate marketing news below.

Neil Shekhter -NMS- Southern California Maintained its Standing as a Premier Destination for Retail Growth and Expansion
Neil Shekhter - NMS - Are the Investors Running Out of Real Estate?
Neil Shekhter - NMS on The Housing Crisis in Southern California
Neil Shekhter - NMS on How Millennials Are Changing the Real Estate
Neil Shekhter of NMS Properties - Affordable Cities To Move To In 2018
Neil Shekhter NMS - Over 17,000 Rental Units Will Hit the Market in Los Angeles
Neil Shekhter of NMS Properties - The New Law to Ease California's Housing Crisis
Neil Shekhter - Some of the Most Popular Cities for Every Age
Neil Shekhter - on Renting Versus Buying
Neil Shekhter - on Micro-Unit Apartments, a Solution to Housing Shortage
Neil Shekhter - NMS - Should You Rent or Buy a House?
Neil Shekhter - NMS - on Real Estate Market Boom in Los Angeles
Neil Shekhter - NMS - Low Housing Supply Continues to Drive Los Angeles' Growth
Neil Shekhter - NMS - Bull Market Remains In Los Angeles.

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